Booking the Company

KUNST-STOFF's projects are available to tour. Tours vary from full-company residencies including outreach activities and performances, to smaller projects that can simply involve excerpts of a work in a festival-style performance.

Commission of New Works

KUNST-STOFF is available to both presenters and other dance companies for the commission of new works. Commissioned works can be created in the presenter's venue featuring the KUNST-STOFF team, or a dance company can commission Mr. Adoniou to create a work for their dancers.


Mr. Adoniou and the KUNST-STOFF team offers master classes in contemporary ballet & modern dance, workshops in choreography and improvisation based on techniques developed through repertory, Q&A sessions following performances, and repertory set on dance students.

Technical Rider

Minimum stage space requirements: 30x25 feet
Maximum stage space requirements: 50x50 feet
Lighting and sound requirements: General plot
Borders and legs required: either
Dance floor: sprung floor covered with marley
Touring company size: seven to ten people


Click HERE to request additional information, or with any questions you may have about KUNST-STOFF. A DVD is also available with excerpts from the Company's repertory upon request.