If you would like to make a donation of new or gently used items to the company, please contact us to coordinate delivery or shipping. Here a few things we looking for.

Computer Related Items

  • (Mac 2006 models or newer)
  • iMac, G4 or later
  • Mac Pro
  • Mac mini
  • MacBook, or MacNook Pro laptops
  • flat panel monitors, 17" or larger
  • An HP laserjet printer
  • External Harddrives, 200 GB or larger, USB 2.0 or firewire connection
  • USB Flash Memory, 1 GB or larger

Production Related Items

  • Black or white Marley dance floor
  • Costume Trunks
  • Digital Projectors

Office Related Items

  • Locking Filing Cabinet with Key
  • Letter Size 3-up folders
  • Letter Size Hanging Pendaflex Folders
  • HP 92 Black Inkjet Cartridges
  • HP 93 Tricolor Injet Cartidges
  • Floor standing easles