15th-Year Retrospective Anniversary Season

November 8-10 2013

@ ODC Theater

Program #1

Solo for Yannis(SF 2008), 98-13 (works from 1998-2013), Those Golden Years (Berlin 2012).

Solo for Yannis is a work developed in dialog with Alonzo King. In it the artists ask: "When have you felt the most alive and what did that feel like?", "What do you want to accomplish before you die?", "What is the purpose and meaning of life?", "When the body dies, what happens?". Big questions for a small solo centered on the essence of pure performance presence, the evening as a whole is sourced from a rich palette of movement, intention, and human expressivity.
Watch the excerpt.  

98-13 is composed of material from works created by Adoniou for KUNST-STOFF from the period of 1998-2013.

Those Golden Years is a work performed by Adoniou and directed by Paasonen in which he reconstructs a dream he had the night before his mother died. It premiered in 2012 at Dock11 in Berlin Germany.
Watch the excerpt. 

Program #2

-Giga Hz by Tomi Paasonen (world premier) and Back to 1999 by Yannis Adoniou (world premier)

In Giga Hz, Tomi Paasonen will revisit material of his piece Mega Hz, created for the opening season of KUNST-STOFF in 1998. This piece was a time capsule that was formed when the city was waking from the aftermath of the AIDS epidemic; the millennium fever was fueling people's imaginations for the future and the ".com boom" gold rush shook its wave of gentrification through the artists communities of San Francisco. The internet was heralded as the new tool of true democracy, bringing a new dawn for the next stage of mankind evolution. Fifteen years later, what are the sociological repercussions of this technology today? What are the environmental realities behind the façade of a high-tech society? How does the constant fragmented information flow affect our thinking and our bodies?

Yannis Adoniou’s world premiere, Back to 1999, is a retrospective dance/theater piece in collaboration with Kinetech, dealing with time-space-action-reaction and eventual freedom. Reflecting upon events that have shaped us in a world that is always changing around us what is there to hold onto and what to let go? The work stands as the platform where unleashed personalities deal with situations that reflect comedy, tragedy, camp, and nostalgia.

Works to be performed by: Katie Gaydos, Lindsey Renee Derry, Julia Stiefel, Parker Murhpy, Daiane Lopes Da Silva, Leyya Tawil, Ivo Serra and Yannis Adoniou.

Original music score created by David Jude Thomas & Jethrow DeHart.

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