Dione Agelopoulou

Fish on the Roof

Feb 18-21 & 25-28 2016 | Time 21:30

@ Horohronos Art Space

Presented by KUNST-STOFF productions|Yannis Adoniou

Production: Yannis Adoniou | KUNST-STOFF productions
Concept, direction and interpretation: Yannis Adoniou ,Stavros Apostolatos, Anastasia Brouzioti, Yannis Tsigkris, Yannis Papakammenos (MINOAS)
Photos: Dione Angelopoulou
Supporters: ChoroXronos

In fish on the Roof, five bodies exposed to the environment survive in a world that is constantly changing. In a relationship with everything and everyone, the actions engaged by their very existence. An echo of their own desire. 

Austerity and realism make their relationships and actions, intertwined with their own existence will they survive, coexist , or will get out of their water ?