Photo by Dione Agelopoulou

Fish on the Roof (2015)

Runtime: 45minutes

In Fish on the Roof, five bodies exposed to the environment survive in a world that is constantly changing. In a relationship with everything and everyone, the actions engaged by their very existence-tring to survive.

Fish on the Roof, first appeared on the roof of an apartment building under the project, The Labyrinth of Kypseli, an ephemeral art project in one of the most densely populated areas of Athens, around the experimental art space bhive. On the terrace of bhive the dancer's bodies where exposed to the environment, sun, rain,wind e.c.t.. The actions intertwined with the sounds of the city and vice versa. The five dance artists inhabited for a month the empty terrace in order to create this project, inviting the public to escape with them as they watched daily from their balconies and terraces every step of the creation.

 The Labyrinth of Kypseli was made possible by the support of the Organiszation for Culture and Development, NEON.

Fish on the Roof

Production: Yannis Adoniou | KUNST-STOFF productions
Concept , direction and interpretation : Yannis Adoniou Stavros Apostolatos, Anastasia Brouzioti , Yannis Tsigkris, Yannis Papakammenos (Minoas)

Photos : Dione Angelopoulou