Per for man-ce (2017)

Runtime: 40min

Per for man-ce

The work Per for man-ce, is a performance of contemporary dance, based on an idea by Yannis Adoniou with interpretations by Alex Gotch, Michael Doolan and Visual Documentation by Panayotis Kasimis. 

A dialogue between the mind and the body. 

The audience are free to create their own story in relation to how they themselves relate to the two male performers on stage. The dialogue emerges smooth and simple, with out conflict but simultaneously multidimensional.

The projected black&white photographs by Panayotis Kasimis expose even more the two protagonists and brings the viewer closer to their inner world, producing a visual feast. 

Argument: Yannis Adoniou
Visual Documentation: Panayotis Kasimis
Interpretation: Alex Gotch, Michael Doolan
Production: KUNST-STOFF productions/Yannis Adoniou

Supported by Trii Art Hub