Photo by Keira Heu-Jwyn Chang

Solo for Yannis (2008)

Runtime: 15 minutes

"When have you felt the most alive and what did that feel like?"
"What do you want to accomplish before you die?"
"What is the purpose and meaning of life?"
"When the body dies, what happens?

Big questions for a small solo. Tomi Paasonen's and Yannis Adoniou's dialogue with Alonzo King preoccupies the essence of pure presence. By breaking down habits of learnt movement patterns, abandoning the technique and ridding the performing body of affectations of society, we attempt to surrender the body Through tools of sensory deprivation, the altered and heightened state of awareness allows the body unaffected shapes, guided by natural movement dynamics, to explore molecular choreography.

Solo for Yannis was made possible with the generous support of: