The Excruciating Death of Saint Sebastian, Photo by Voula Saloniki

The Excruciating Death of Saint Sebastian (2013)

Created and performed by:  Yannis Adoniou & Constantine Baecher
Runtime: 45 minutes

The Excruciating Death of Saint Sebastian is a dance found on cooperation. The work is a duet, but it is also a commentary on what it means to be both the figures of saint Sebastian and his aggressors at different times.
This difficulty results in an oscillation between the dominant and submissive imagery of the work. For the performers, saint Sebastian is also a platform to let loose opposing sides of their personalities, comedy, tragedy, camp and suffering. Saint Sebastian does not have a direct message, but it is a testament to the difficult beauty of impulsive creation and creating harmony with the foreign body.

Created and performed by: Yannis Adoniou &  Constantine Baecher