movement lab eXchange - “The kinesthetic intelligence of the body “ (2017)

Runtime: 12hr

9-14 May
workshops, discussions and performances
at Trii Art Hub

Join us for six days in the new art space Trii Art Hub located in the historic building of Drakou 9 in Athens, where we will have the opportunity to exchange ideas through open workshops, discussions, and performances. For each day we propose something different by wide variety of artists and opinions. It is an opportunity to work with renowned teachers and dance makers, in the technical, artistic, and individual cultivation approach to movement training.

Discover something new every day and immerse yourself in the kinesthetic intelligence of the body.

Tuesday May 9 Open Experience: Free entrance
Wednesday 10 – Sunday 14 May 55€  (for all days to all events pass)*
Daily 15€  (single day pass)*
*You may attend all or part of the events!

Register by phone: +30 210 9210 333 and +30 6985904504 or by email:

Movement lab eXchange is an initiative of Yannis Adoniou.

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