Photo by Chelsea Rowe

Taking pride in dance, part 2

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Some of this summer's best choreography Rachel Howard, Examiner Dance Critic San Francisco Chronicle So this is all good and fun, but what about all that exalted curatorial discretion? The proof of it is KUNST-STOFF, which leads the main-stage portion of the program with Yannis Adoniou's "A Door Me." Contrary to what the ill-chosen title would have you believe, this is a smart, sensitive piece for a true ensemble of 11 white-underwear-clad dancers who snake around one forlorn woman with a suitcase and break off into wistful solos and duets. They're in utter, tender sympathy with one another throughout, and if the actual movement betrays more than a little of Alonzo King's influence - those jutting rib cages, that insouciant turned-in back attitude - the thoughtful mood and structure of the piece can be credited to Adoniou alone. Adoniou has assembled a remarkably harmonized pick-up company of familiar faces, Amy Seiwert, Samuel Pott and Kara Davis the best among them. If he can continue to gather dancers worthy of his chorepgraphy, he ought to go far.