Photo by Chelsea Rowe

(a letter to Katie Gaydos)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

this self-expressed director’s news is based on a true events but not to a true grammar. Enjoy! (a letter to Katie Gaydos)

It has been 9 months since the big move from west USA (SF) to southern Europe (ATH), and from working 24/7 to not “working” 24/7. Talking to a friend some months back, he asked me what am I doing (or how am I doing) and for fun I told him that I m not working (With me moving back home I decided to take 6 months off from Dance). He said very sympathetically that times are hard! I responded: actually we are never out of work, the difference is if someone pays you or not. The creative mind is never out of work J I did a project with a dear friend and collaborator with the title IN Limbo. It was the first time (I think) that creation was not about a performance “act” (we did not have a performance date when we started, we end up sharing the work later on a great stage). We end up with a 55min piece because of a daily desire to explore “first hand” that took us to a three-month journey. While in close proximity with each other we tasked our selves to listen only to our own voices…got us deeper. Working life in the “west USA”, was for me about 80% of my time. Work makes us feel good, strong and worthy, the society “like” that but what happens when that 80% occupies our life’s awareness? …take the rest 20% to listen?  I did not grow up being alone and I think that is probably why I love teaching and creating with others.  My dog-Orfeas, loves food and wants to play all the time, he reminds me of a performer J he is very good in general but he likes to “spot” by urinating and there we fight! … doing things by daily desire and not a long plan for a success.

I have had the pleasure of meeting what I will say great and like-minted people here in “southern Europe”. One of the things that I discovered over here is that, one can be functional with little money, some times less then 10euro a week. Well, having your own house helps (no paying rent) and for doing & fixing it with your own hands is fulfilling and makes you love it. A tennis court close to my home J I discovered last January, it took me by surprise as tennis is not a very local thing and to find a public court near my home, no bad! It is funny but I -feel Dance- more now then when I was working 24/7 doing the dance related things (?) I m getting more and more in to the first hand experience. You desire and create on what you want in order to build/manifest that desire. I’m done with the ready made (at least for now).