Photo by Chelsea Rowe

'New Media'

Thursday, December 2, 2004

Rita Felciano The San Francisco Guardian TECHNOLOGY â?? ; we don't seem to be able to stay away from it. We may curse its destructive potential, but we're also hooked on it, not unlike the early humans who had to find ways to harness and tame the power of fire. For "New Media," Dance Brigade and Kunst-Stoff's Yannis Adoniou gather video, film, and slides, plus computer technology artists who can no more keep their fingers off switches, buttons, and keyboards than ignore the dancing body. Most of these multimedia wizards â?? Nature Theater of Oklahoma, Sara Shelton Mann, Anima Mundi, the Foundry, Rapt, and Kunst-Stoff â?? have been working in the field for some time. Different as they are from each other, it should be fascinating to watch them onstage together (each evening has a different lineup). In addition to the interactive performances, there's a gallery installation with a continuous loop of films by Talal Al Muhana and Tomi Paasonen (Germany), Anthie Domi and Yannis Leontaris (Greece), Kevin Cottam (Belgium), and Greta Jorgensen and Eric Kupers (San Francisco).