Photo by Chelsea Rowe


Friday, December 1, 2006

Rita Felciano The San Francisco Bay Guardian Adoniou's In 4 Sections, created by the KUNST-STOFF artistic director as part of an ODC artist in residence program, is a luminous, finely detailed, work, and KUNST-STOFF's five solo dancers (Nicole Bonnadonna, Kara Davis, Julian de Leon, Nol Simonse, and Leslie Schickel) shone in it. Sections just might be Adoniou's best piece yet. With fresh-looking vocabulary, including locking arm gestures, he shaped and colored the relationships in the four episodes with a distinct palette. He paired two temperamentally different yet surprisingly compatible dancers, drawing sustenance out of their interlocking bodies and Simonse intriguingly partnering with blackouts. Though Sections is loosely structured, its seeds are planted in the opening movement. Adoniou also made excellent musical out of very fine scores. Matt Ingall's in particular stood out.