Nutcracker (2016)

Consept / Direction: Yannis Adoniou
Runtime: 1 hr

"A contemporary version of the classic story of The Nutcracker. A burst of imagination through a play of magical realism"
The magical world of this story speaks to the heart that has lost its childhood and everyday is getting tougher. Mr. Adoniou's concept
 enters the heart of the story of the "Nutcracker". His version deepens the worlds of fantasy and realism by marrying classic and contemporary dance, the text of Hoffmann and the music of Tchaikovsky.

Production: Dansarte
Consept / Direction: Yannis Adoniou
Choreography: Yannis Adoniou, Tatiana Loverdou, Timos Zechas, Chryssa Kalliafa
Music: PI Tchaikovsky
Text: ETA Hoffman
Lighting: Nikos Sotiropoulos, Yannis Adoniou

---- In partnership with the University of Patras ----

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