Photo by CPRowe

David Jude Thomas

David Jude Thomas is artistically compelled by obsessive compulsions derived from personal, historical, cultural and socially relevant events to express himself in multiple medias from his private studio in San Francisco, California.

Music, illustration, painting, photography, film and video are just a few of the disciplines he pulls from. David Jude has worked with Kunst-Stoff as a sound and video designer, performer & graphic designer. As a video artist he recently worked with the band Bauhaus. Presently, he's involved with several documentary/Narrative projects, one of them, for musician and songwriter David J. In 2006, as visiting video artist at California Institute of the Arts, he created a visual interpretation of movement and dance for multi-screen projections for the CalArts Dance Ensemble's 29th Season. He has written, produced, shot, edited and composed numerous short films and video pieces such as "Requiem 1 & 2", "Cry me a River", "Jarman", "Thursday's Child", "Girl Eats Apple" and the feature lenght film "Metalface". Mr. Thomas has Exhibited his visual art in numerous exhibitions, such as SPARK, KQED Benefit, events by Effection and CalArtSF Elements 1 and Klubstitute events.