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Ivo Serra

Ivo Serra, born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1979, is a Berlin based artist, developing work around performance and video art.

At the age 15 he went to study theater at the Professional Theater School of Cascais, Portugal. In 2003, he was invited by the Bomba Suicida collective to become a resident artist, where he started to develop his own work. His first creation was a video/dance, and after that Serra started to combine video with stage practices. "when i fall" was presented at Festival Personal Profile by Russian Agency of Dance TsEKh Moscow. From 2005 until 2010 studied in the department of Video and New Media Department at Ivo Serra left the association in 2008 with "Canvas", a performance collaboration for the Temps d' Image Festival to work with the choreographer João Fiadeiro in RE_AL, to develop his video archive, and also filmed and edited his studies projects, providing a visual context for Fiadeiro’s "Real Time Composition” research. 

Award winner in 2010 of the Inov-Art 2ª edition Program from the Portuguese Ministry of Culture, he went to NYC to work with Movement Research in video archiving and videography. With this opportunity, Serra begun to develop a body of documentation work of freelance and professional choreographers in NY. Among others, for a creative collaboration with Larrisa Velez for Danspace Project platform 2010, the American Realness Festival, videography for Melanie Maar at The Chocolate Factory, Jon Kinzel at the Baryshnikov Arts Center, Nicky Paraiso at La MaMa, and for numerous "Food for Thought" venue artists at the Danspace Project. 

September 3rd 2011, he moved to Berlin, Germany for a video collaboration with Ana Monteiro in "SHOW CASE". He joined to work with Tino Sehgal on "This Variation"  presented in 2012 at Festival documenta in Kassel, Germany. Today Ivo Serra studies performance and dance context at the HZT - UDK in Berlin, where in 2013 he presented his solo work "Meta Horse" a collaboration with Tomi Paasonen at INZUCHT FESTIVAL in the Uferstudios, Berlin.

Since 2003 to 2012, Ivo Serra presented his works in Germany, USA, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, France, U.K., Switzerland, Greece, Spain and Portugal. 

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