Photo by CPRowe

Minos Matsas, Composer

Minos Matsas, composer received degrees in Music from the Athens Conservatory and the Juilliard School of music. In 1994 working as a producer at CAPITOL/EMI he started his own label "Messogios" and launched his career as a composer. In 1996 he opened Odeon Studios, a state of the art studio complex, which he still manages.

His works include music for films, theater, dance and orchestral music. His cds have been released by EMI, Capital records and Sony Music. His works have been performed at Lincoln Center (Met, Alice Tully Hall), the National Theater of Greece, the Athens Concert Hall and the Palace Theater.

In 2003, his New York debut at Lincoln Center included an outstanding performance of his original score Diary of a Lost Girl. In May 2003, Mr Matsas music was performed at the Metropolitan Opera of New York to accompany the film "The Parthenon", directed by the Academy Award winner Costa-Gavras.

In 2006 and 2008 Mr. Matsas received the Greek State Awards (Best Music Awards) for his scores of the films "Eduart" and "Slaves in their Bonds". His most recent movie, "Undisputed III?, is going to be released by Warner Brothers.