Photo by CPRowe

Lisa J. Pinkham, Lighting Designer

Lisa J. Pinkham has designed lighting for over two hundred ballets, operas, and plays. Her lighting can be seen in the repertories of many national companies. For San Francisco Ballet she designed the lighting Stanton Welch's Maninyas, Taiko, Tutu and Falling, Julia Adam's Night, Angelo and Imaginal Disk. She works frequently with Val Caniporoli, having designed the lighting for his signature work; Lambarena, and many other ballets. For Boston Ballet, Stanton Welch?s Madam Butterfly and Rudi van Danzig's Romeo and Juliet. For American Ballet Theatre, Stanton Welch?s Clear. For Houston Ballet Mr. Welch's new production of Swan Lake. From 1994 until 1999 Ms. Pinkham was the lighting designer for Alonzo King's LINES Contemporary Ballet.