Photo by CPRowe

Perry Hallinan, Producer/Videographer/Editor

Perry Hallinan has 10 yrs film and video production experience. He is a Rhode Island School of Design graduate (1998) with a BFA in film/video. After graduation he was a full time editor at Northern Lights Production Company in Boston MA. (2000-2001). He edited documentaries and Museum installations for The Smithsonian Institute of Natural History, Court TV and The BBC. As a freelance video producer he has worked for the Nature Conservancy of Canada, The City of San Francisco and the Guide Dog School for the Blind, San Rafael, California, SF Academy of Arts and Sciences, and Eileen West Fashion.

He founded the video program at Gateway High School a public charter school in San Francisco and has taught there for 6 years.

As a videographer / media artist and performer Perry has worked with the S.F. Butoh company Salt Farm, Mary Sano Duncan Dance and Yannis Adoniou's KUNST-STOFF.

Perry is also in the final stages of production for a 30min documentary about a Japanese American man, now in his 70s, who emigrated from Japan to the United States after the atomic bomb destroyed his birth city of Hiroshima. Part Oral History part Road Movie, the story focuses on the individual's process of healing physical, emotional and spiritual wounds.

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