Photo by CPRowe

Dohee Lee, Composer and Vocalist

Dohee Lee studied Korean traditional dance and traditional drumming music at the master level in Korea. Since her arrival in the US, she has been a vital contributor to both the traditional and contemporary Asian American Cultural arts landscape of the Bay Area and beyond. Her many accomplishments from the past few years include being the resident artist and instructor of the Korean Youth Cultural Center, a community-based organization focused on Korean arts. She has performed in various ethnic dance festivals, including the Asian American Dance Performance and the Asian American Jazz Festival in San Francisco and Chicago. Since 2001, she has worked on projects with leaders of the Asian American Creative Arts scene, including dancer/choreographer Sue Li-Jue's Facing East Dance and Music, Butoh dancer/choreographer Shinichi Momo Koga's inkboat, saxophonist/composer Francis Wong, Jeff Chan, Pianist Jon Jang, Chicago bassist Tatsu Aoki. She also has collaborated on new works with Nanos Operetta and the Kronos Quartet.

Through her experiences, Lee developed her own style of expression, combining her own artistic voice with her heritage into a unique new art form. In 2004, Dohee founded the Puri Project to give a home to this form. The Puri Project's goal is to present elements of dance, music, spoken word, visual art, and audience participation as a single art form. The project name plays on the Korean word Puri, which refers to an emotional and physical release: it is a deliberate emancipation of the spirit. The Puri Project provides an opportunity for artists to explore and cross stylistic boundaries between traditional and contemporary art forms in an organic manner. The Puri Project also serves the Korean American and larger Asian American communities by contributing to the self-determination and self-defi nition of Asian American identity.

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