Photo by CPRowe

Jethro DeHart, Composer and Musician

Jethro DeHart has been know to cameo as musical director off and on for KUNST-STOFF for the past 10 years, composing, mixing/engineering, designing sound, and on occasion, performing live with them in various pieces, such as Yia Yia and Cross Currents. Mr. DeHart has also been spotted from time to time, fronting the San Francisco alternative band "Habitforming" on the center microphone while dangerously wielding an electric guitar at the same time. Jethro has spent much of the last seven tenths of is his life in the deep end of the music dept.: writing, rehearsing, recording, engineering, wiring, twisting knobs and performing live using any available instrument in his path to harness the forces. To date, there are 3 full length releases, "Habitat" , "Involved" and "Slow Motion Drifting" which is a 14 song compilation of instrumentals created for various dance/theater performances over the past 10 years. A forth release, "Freezer Burn" is in progress.